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Introducing Origin's newly-redesigned product

Origin launches a new look and feel.

By Rachel Cantor


September 16, 2023

Since day one, we’ve focused on providing financial wellness for everyone. At Origin, our mission is simple, to reimagine wealth management, empowering every individual to grow and manage their money with ease.

Today, we’re announcing an exciting step towards that goal. A newly-redesigned product to complement the features you know and love. Plus, new and exciting updates.

This revamp puts Origin at the forefront of innovation in the financial wellness space. Our seamless user experience and hyper-focus on Net Worth empowers our members to feel confident managing their money. While other tools double down on tracking spend and budgeting, our newly-redesigned product takes a holistic approach to personal finance.

For the past quarter, our team has been hard at work building a new Origin, improving the product’s quality, speed, look and feel while furthering our mission. The result is a seamless product experience that puts Origin members in the driver’s seat of their finances. Today, we’re excited to share more about the new Origin.

A new look and feel

We’ve completely redesigned Origin to be more intuitive and visually compelling. We leaned into core design principles to build a new look and feel. Origin’s refined user experience is accessible, intuitive, and approachable, demystifying personal finance and making it accessible to everyone.

Across our entire platform, we’ve built a smooth, world-class design that encourages members to be in the driver’s seat of their finances.

New dashboard

We’ve redesigned our Origin dashboard to be more interactive, engaging and to focus around holistic Net Worth. In one screen, members can easily understand where they stand and how assets and liabilities factor into their Net Worth.

Our new and improved, interactive dashboard includes the following features:

  • Manage everything: Connect bank accounts, credit cards, investments, equity, real estate, and more to understand holistic Net Worth.

  • Spending at a glance: View latest transactions to gain insight into spending trends.

  • Direct access to financial planner: Easily chat or book a call with a 1:1 Origin planner for any money questions.

  • Investments: View portfolio performance, at a glance.

  • Vested equity shares: For members who hold equity, they can take a quick look at vested equity value.

  • For You: Personalized money insights based on accounts connected.

For You

We heard from Origin members that they wanted actionable, money recommendations to help them reach their goals. Now, our members can understand their money better with “For You.”

This new feature provides Origin members with powerful money insights based on accounts connected. Origin intelligently uses financial data to surface actionable recommendations, empowering members to make money moves.

Planner match

We’ve redesigned our onboarding flow so that Origin members can match with a financial planner that’s aligned to their unique priorities and goals.

In our interactive onboarding, members choose the financial topics that they care about most, such as equity planning, early retirement, or home buying. Origin can then recommend financial planners with expertise in those interests, and members can select the planner of their choice.

While all our planners have expertise in budgeting, spending, debt, investments, estate planning, and tax efficiencies, we recognize that each planner has their own unique speciality and background. We want to empower our members to have the best financial planning experience possible—one that’s fully personalized to their unique financial story.

Up next

Our newly-redesigned product is just the beginning. Over the upcoming months, we’ll be rolling out new features and updates to build the ultimate all-in-one wealth management platform.

We’re grateful to continue furthering our mission of remaining financial wellness for all and empowering our members to manage their money with confidence and ease.

Our team is excited to share what’s to come. Stay tuned.