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Broaden your exposure with Origin's Thematic portfolios such as AI, clean energy, inflation protection, and semiconductors.

No Advisory Fees

Most charge at least 0.25% in fees to handle your portfolio. Origin has no advisory fees.

Amount lost in fees over 25 years*


0% in fees

$0 lost to fees

Robo advisors

0.25% AUM fees

$29k lost to fees

Mutual funds

1% in fees

$108k lost to fees

*Assumes $50K initial investment and $5k annual contribution

The extra costs of fund management are reflected in the fund's expense ratio and get passed on to investors. As a result, cheap index funds often cost less than 0.65%—0.17% to 0.40% is typical, with some firms offering even lower expense ratios of 0.05% or less—compared to the much higher fees that actively managed funds command, typically 0.77% up to 1.36%.

The graph is a hypothetical illustration to demonstrate how asset management fees can impact portfolio returns. In this example, we assume a starting portfolio balance of $50,000 and a contribution of $5,000 per year for 25 years. All three examples have a gross rate of assumed return of 7.5%. The net rate of return that is applied assumes the subtraction of the average asset management fees for three distinct service models (Origin, Other Robos, and Traditional Brokers). An investor may have outcomes that are different than what is displayed. All investments have risk and this graph does not represent typical market and investment performance.

Getting Started

Novice investor? Stock market expert? No matter where you're at in your journey, we can help you build an investing strategy that works for you. Included in your Origin membership for $12.99/month.

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Select from our expert-built,
Thematic portfolios to
broaden your exposure.

Sit back and
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Set it and forget it.
Our technology handles
everything from trading
to re-balancing.

Personalize Your Portfolio

Your Origin portfolio can be customized to fit your risk and investment strategy. Investors with a conservative risk tolerance get access to a 100% Core portfolio. Investors with a more moderate to aggressive risk tolerance can spread up to 15% of their investments across our Thematic portfolios.


Utilizes low-cost,
globally diversified
index ETFs to provide
the potential for
long-term growth

Clean Energy

Invests in companies
that focus on clean
energy sources

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Targets companies
leveraging AI and
robotic technology

Inflation Protection

Focuses on inflation-
protected securities,
gold, and equities


Prioritizes companies
focused on the design,
manufacturing, and
distribution of

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Got questions? Find answers.

Is an Origin Invest account right for me?

Our investment product caters to both novice and experienced investors looking for a simple, automated solution that provides global diversification and continually analyzes ways to optimize. Our end goal for you is simple: provide the investment tools for you to reach your financial goals.

How is Origin Invest different from competitors?

Origin Invest is unique in that we don't charge any asset under management (AUM) fees, which means investors keep more of their returns by investing with us.

Other robo-advisors take between 0.25% and 0.5% in AUM fees, and traditional wealth managers can charge up to 2%. For an investor looking to contribute regularly over a longer period of time, no AUM fees means they could be saving tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars by investing with Origin.

How much money do I need to get started?

As little or as much as you'd like — literally. We don't have a minimum amount. You can start with one dollar if you so please. Whether you're just beginning your investing journey or have been at it for years, you can open an Origin Invest account and start putting your money to work with whatever amount you're comfortable with.

We designed our platform to be accessible to anyone who wants to grow their wealth over time. That means our low-cost, globally diversified portfolios are optimized regardless of your starting investment amount.

Is my money secure using your platform?

Absolutely. The security of our customers' data and money is our top priority. Any money you invest through Origin is held by our custodian, DriveWealth, and is insured through SIPC for up to $500,000.

On top of institutional protection, we use advanced encryption, hardware security keys, and industry-standard bank-level security measures to safeguard your account and data. Our security team is constantly going through rigorous inspections and tests, including routine auditing from non-affiliated 3rd party security firms. For more info on our security measures, read here.

Can I invest in an individual stock or fund (i.e., S&P 500 index or Apple)?

No, you cannot invest in an individual stock or fund yet. Instead we offer access to our globally-diversified Core portfolio, which includes thousands of companies and is tailored to your needs. We built our portfolios to take advantage of the compounding power of time, so members don't have to worry about day-to-day market fluctuations. If you are an investor with a higher risk tolerance, we recommend exploring our Thematic portfolios that can be allocated up to 15% of your total investments.