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Take control of your financial future. Track your spending. Build a budget that works for you.

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Connect Your Accounts

When you can see all of your money, you can keep more of your money.

Track Spending

Know where every dollar is going

Connect your accounts to see money coming in and out, where it's going, and trends in your spending patterns.

Understand your cash flow

Get a summary of your income and expenses, so you can save up for all your financial goals. See your cash flow breakdown—weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Track your expenses your way, all in one place

Filter and sort your transactions by category, any date range, or accounts. Hide transactions from your reports. Define rules for easy categorization.

Budgeting made easy

Create your own budget, add custom categories, and track progress. We'll automatically categorize your expenses and send relevant reminders to keep you on track.

Know where you spend the most

View your spending by top vendors and unlock insights on your spending habits over time.

Download CSV

Export your transactions to a CSV to help you with in-depth spending analysis.

Plan for your bills and subscriptions

View your upcoming charges, expected income, and interest. Manage any unwanted subscriptions.

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Safe & Secure

Origin works with Plaid to securely connect your accounts to our platform. Plaid uses encryption, multi-factor authentication, and continuous monitoring. We do not share your information outside of our platform and our financial planners.


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