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Total Comp & Equity

A holistic financial wellness solution

Understand your total compensation

Compensation is more than just your annual salary. Realize the total value of your benefits, perks, salary, and equity - all in one place.

Equity simplified

Track equity compensation, including your estimated net value, vested and unvested shares, and projected value over time.

Exercise equity at the right time

Simulate exercising your stock options to minimize your taxes and maximize your value.

Confidently select your benefits

Realize the total value of your compensation. Compare the perks, trade-offs, and costs of each plan to find the right benefits for you.


On-demand learning to fill a critical gap in employee education.

Money Insights

Industry insights delivered via email and Slack to keep a regular pulse on personal finance.

The Gist

How a debt ceiling debacle could impact markets

Personalized Lessons

150+ quiz-based lessons and articles on financial topics—budgeting basics, retirement plans, negotiating debt, and more.

Let's start by selecting all the statements that are true about budgeting.


Budgeting is about creating a plan on how best to spend your money.


Budgeting starts with your earnings after you've paid taxes.


Budgeting can help control overspending in certain categories.

Insight into Action

Use lessons to understand the nuances involved in calculating a credit score, then access your own credit score with actionable advice on how to improve it within Origin.

The Gist

Credit Score Basics

50% complete

Money Talks

Origin works in collaboration with your People team to drive engagement and support through customized money talks and webinars.

Live workshops and webinars led by Origin financial planners, covering topics such as strategies for equity compensation, managing student loans, and buying real estate

Communications strategy support to help employees on-boarded to Origin

Robust reporting on outcomes


Got questions? Find answers.

What topics are covered in Learning?

Origin Learning serves as a comprehensive resource for building financial knowledge across a variety of topics. From core money management skills like budgeting, saving, and debt reduction to more advanced topics like investing, retirement planning, taxes, and real estate, our Learning product addresses major aspects of personal finance.

In addition to broad financial education, Origin Learning introduces specialized topics like cryptocurrency, stock options, insurance, credit management, and estate planning to build your literacy across even complex money subjects.

The Learning resources include a mix of formats such as articles, lessons, and tips tailored to different learning preferences. The content is focused on providing clear, accurate financial education for beginners and more seasoned finance seekers looking to deepen their money mastery.

Is the content in learning specific to my country?

Origin aims to provide global financial education. Coming in 2024, we will expand our Learning library to include country-specific content for our top markets.

Currently, most Learning resources focus on core money concepts like budgeting, saving, investing, retirement planning, and other foundational personal finance topics that apply across regions.

In 2024, we will introduce country-specific Learning content for our top markets including:

  • Canada

  • United Kingdom

  • Australia

  • Ireland

  • India

The country-specific content will include articles, lessons, and quizzes tailored to the financial landscape, regulations, investment products, tax laws, and money best practices relevant in each region. This localized educational content will help improve financial literacy within each member's unique context.

What types of equity awards can you track?

We can track all the main types of equity awards, including:

  • Restricted stock units (RSUs): RSUs are granted to employees and vest over a period of time. When the RSUs vest, the employee receives the underlying shares of stock.

  • Stock options (ISOs and NSOs): ISOs and NSOs give employees the right to purchase shares of stock at a specified price, called the exercise price. The employee can exercise the options when the stock price is above the exercise price, which means they can make a profit.

  • Generic shares: Generic shares are shares of stock that are not subject to any special restrictions.

We also track the vesting schedules, current valuations, and tax implications of your equity awards—so you can make informed decisions about your equity, such as when to exercise your options or sell your shares.

Does Origin's platform provide guidance on equity decisions?

Absolutely! In addition to providing personalized guidance, we offer a range of tools and resources that can help you better understand and manage your equity compensation. These include the following:

  • Equity modeling tool: Our intuitive equity modeling tool allows you to simulate different scenarios for exercising your stock options.

  • Equity tracking: Our platform allows you to track all of your equity awards in one place, including vesting schedules, current valuations, and tax implications.

  • Financial education resources: We offer a range of resources that teach the basics of equity compensation, plus more advanced topics like tax optimization and exercise strategies.