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We all hope to leave something for the next generation. Decide who gets what, when, and how by creating an estate plan with Origin.

What is Estate Planning

An estate plan is a comprehensive set of legal documents and arrangements that can protect you, your family and your assets. Planning ahead can help you avoid a scenario where the courts are making important decisions on your behalf.

Valid in all 50 states

Ready-to-sign documents to meet the legal requirements of all 50 states

Created by legal experts

Designed by estate planning attorneys to make creating your plan easy


Estate planning with no hidden fees, unlimited revisions and the ability to create with a partner

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From simple bequests to complex trusts, we offer solutions 
that fit every need and legacy.

With Origin Membership

Basic Will


A simple plan where you decide who gets your assets.

Full Will



More control over asset distribution, plus the ability
to appoint guardians and specify healthcare wishes.




Everything in a Full Will plus even more protection and privacy through the ability
to avoid probate court.

Column order: Basic, Full, Trust

Designate where your assets will go

Choose who will execute your plan

Flexible distribution of assets

Specify healthcare wishes

Leave specific gifts

Give access to medical records

Appoint guardianship

Make special requests

Avoid probate court

Add protections to distributions

Last Will & Testament

Provides control over what happens to your assets after death.

Living Will

Outlines your preferences for medical care.

Guardianship for minor children

A document that outlines who should take care of your children (or pets).

Advanced Healthcare Directive (AHCD)

Additional important information about health conditions beyond the Living Will.

HIPAA Authorization

Provides for the disclosure of protected health information.

Healthcare Power of Attorney (HCPOA)

Designates a specific person to make medical conditions on your behalf.

Financial Power of Attorney (POA)

Designates a specific person to make financial decisions on your behalf.

Revocable Living Trust

A document that allows you to transfer assets into a separate legal entity.

Schedule of Assets

A table of contents for all your assets.

Certificate of Trust

Identifies key elements of your Revocable Living Trust.

Trust Funding Guide

Documents everything you need to know about funding a trust.

A step today can safeguard your tomorrow. Start simple, and we'll make it straightforward for you and your loved ones.

Buying property

Getting married

Starting a family

Adopting a pet


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