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The only global platform that helps your people manage compensation, benefits, and personal finance—side by side with financial professionals.

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Increase employee engagement and
wellbeing in the workplace


A resource that fits every employee at every stage of life

Your employees are unique, and so are their financial needs. Origin offers a high-touch solution that guides employees on their financial journey. We help employees through all types of situations, like paying down debt, understanding taxes, investment advice, and how to save for a big purchase.


Planners deliver unbiased financial guidance

The first step on the road to financial confidence starts with knowing where you're at. Employees connect their accounts to get a 360-view of their finances. Then, they partner with a dedicated Certified Financial Planner ™ to map fianncial milestones and begin regular, 1:1 conversations. Our easy-to-use platform offers a personalized dashboard so employees can measure their progress against their financial goals and stay on track.


An endless resource for your workforce

Origin goes beyond finances. Our financial planners help employees understand their company benefits and highlight the connection between total reqards and their financial wellness. As benefits and financial seasons change, Origin is a continuous and connected resource for employees to navigate life's twists and turns

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The advantages of a world-class financial wellness benefit in a single solution

A solution that actually embraces conversations about money

An easy-to-use platform your employees will love with the personalized CFP® relationships to guide them on their financial journey.


of employees want their employers to provide financial planning services

Advice where your employees need it, when they need it

We integrate with your benefits stack and employees’ personal financial accounts to help provide context to all of those questions about PPOs, HMOs, HSAs, FSAs, ISOs, NSOs, RSUs, ESPPs, investing, savings, budgeting, and more.


of employees are stressed about their finances and stressed employees are 2x more likely to leave their job

Solve the biggest source of your people’s stress directly through the workplace

Financial health is an important part of holistic health. Origin provides the financial guidance and support that your people will value at work and beyond.


of employees that use Origin take action on their finances.

Source: The State of Employee Financial Health and Wealth, Origin, 2021 and PwC Employee Financial Wellness Survey

Origin provides financial confidence

For all people

We have the largest and most diverse network of financial planners—worldwide.

Serving 40+ countries and growing
An inclusive team of 200+ diverse CFPs, speaking 22 different languages
Financial education that fits every employee population
Not bank associated, no planner commissions

For every stage of life

We provide financial advice for every financial season, mapping an employees’ financial goals to their life goals.

Create a monthly budget and, pay off student loans
Plan for starting a family and, for retirement
Buy a new home or car and, pass on your wealth
Make the most out of your first paycheck

HR’s guide to employee equity compensation

Stock options, RSUs, job offers, and taxes—navigate the complex world of employee equity compensation with ease.

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