Financial planning for every employee, everywhere.

99% of your employees have never spoken to a professional about money.

For the 90% that wish they did, meet Origin.

Proud to support happy employees at companies of all shapes and sizes

Money is on your workforce's mind.

Go beyond the paycheck with Origin to give your employees the guidance they want and need.


The amount employers lose each year due to financial stress.


Of employees say that money is their #1 source of stress


Of employees say they worry about their finances while at work

Paying off mortgage
Planning for retirement
Paying down debt
Learning to budget

And everyone is worrying about different things.

Let Origin guide your employees’ through each and every one of their unique financial journeys.

Statistics Referenced: PWC 8th Annual Financial Wellness Survey 2019, John Hancock Financial Stress Survey 2019, Annual Salary Finance Report 2019, CNBC Invest-in-You Survey 2019

With Origin, financial benefits have never been easier.

Financial benefits all in one place.

Your company's always on, always there, always fits solution for employee financial benefits. No more point solutions. No more coordinating vendors. No more complex onboarding.

All employees. All of life's stages.

From your new grad hires to your senior executives, Origin is here to help with all life's ups and downs. Every experience, recommendation and action is tailored to the employee.

Simple set-Up. Unparalleled results.

Roll out Origin in a snap and see what a reduction in financial stress can do for your business. We work with your people team to generate anonymous, actionable insights.

One place for your financial life.

Connect all of your accounts to Origin and we'll teach you how your finances fit together. We make managing your money fun, fast and simple.

Unbiased and personalized.

You'll work together 1:1 with your dedicated Origin advisor that helps you take stock of your financial life today as well as prepare you for tomorrow.

Here for today, there for tomorrow.

Origin helps you build a money roadmap, makes it simple for you to take action and keeps a watchful eye on your financial future to make sure you reach your personal goals.

Hello Financial Advice,
Meet Financial Action.

Origin Advisor

Your money whisperer. Origin Advisors are dedicated CFPs who listen, build and support your financial journey wherever life might take you. We're always here when you need us.

Origin Platform

Origin's platform makes it easy to manage all of your accounts in one place, see your financial snapshot at a glance and "take action" to quickly complete any necessary tasks.

Just a few areas where Origin can help your people.


Understand what they're spending and where to put their money


Reflect on their savings goals and make plans to reach them.


Review existing debts and find the best possible path to pay them off.


See and optimize the fund structure of 401Ks investments


Explore and purchase different coverages to protect what they love.


Manage assets and ensure they are efficiently passed on.

Don't just take our word for it.

Niki Pezeshki
Partner, Felicis Ventures

Empower your people.

Financial stress is a huge burden for employees everywhere. We invested in Origin because we believe that people do their best work when their money is on autopilot with a trusted partner that can help them with things like: paying off student loans, family planning and saving for retirement.

Mark Goldhammer

Put goals within reach.

What I thought would be an overly complex problem was made simple and attainable by my Origin financial advisor. They provide multiple options, all of which factor in a whole host of major life milestones to make financial decisions (and inevitably, success) something that's totally within reach.

Alyson Friedensohn
CEO & Founder, Modern Health

Implement easily.

Our people love Origin for its simplicity and comprehensiveness. The ability to speak with a real financial planner and implement their changes with the push of a button makes Origin an essential part of our people strategy.

You take care of the paycheck, we take care of the rest.

Get Origin for your people today.