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The Best Budgeting App to Replace Mint

CSV export, custom date ranges for sorting and filtering, vendor insights, and more. Origin is the best Mint alternative, providing all the spending features you know and love. Plus, so much more.

Change is inevitable, especially in the world of technology. Mint, a long-standing app for budgeting enthusiasts, is shutting down this week. “Now what?” you might be wondering. If you need a new tool, Origin is the best budgeting app to replace Mint—we’ll show you why. 

Hear us out. We've got a whole suite of spending features, from custom categories to CSV export. Plus, we have so much more to offer. 

Import your Mint data right into Origin 

Did you spend hours recategorizing your transactions and making custom categories in Mint? Well, good news. You can easily import your precious Mint history right into Origin. 

Switching over from Mint to Origin is easy. Simply, download your transaction history from Mint and import the CSV file directly into Origin. We will keep your categorization history for up to two years. Bonus: Unlike Mint, there are no ads in Origin. 

Track expenses and build a custom budget 

The best budgeting apps do the essentials and so much more. What do we mean by essentials? Pulling in your transactions and automatically smart categorizing them to help you budget effectively. 

In Origin, you can view all your transactions across accounts in a single list. The value? Linking all your accounts and seeing all your money at a glance makes it easier to reduce spending, proactively plan for recurring charges, and cut back on subscriptions. Plus, we help you build a budget and track progress throughout the month.

It doesn’t stop there. Build your own budget with custom categories, so you can organize your money in a way that makes sense for you. Some popular categories include coffee shops, pet care, and home renovation. 

CSV Download 

Some folks want the ability to analyze their spending data on their own. If that's you, you can easily export your transactions from Origin to a CSV, even applying filters and custom date ranges. Export up to 2 years of transaction history. 

Link all your accounts 

Securely link all your financial accounts right in Origin. We partner with Plaid and Finicity by Mastercard to give you the smoothest and safest account connection process possible. 

  • Secure: We use market-leading security protections and are SOC 2 compliant.

  • Private: We don’t share your financial information without your permission.

  • Protected: Our partners use advanced encryption and security protocols.

Unlock vendor-level insights 

Interested in breaking down your spending on a merchant level? In Origin, you can unlock vendor insights to know where you spend the most. 

Want to know how much you spent on DoorDash in December? No problem. Just select a “DoorDash” transaction and get an instant glimpse into your takeout spending habits. You can see how much you spend per month, on average, or over the past year.

See your recurring transactions to help you cancel unwanted subscriptions 

The average American spends about $219 per month on subscriptions. That's okay if you use and can afford them all, but the same research showed that this amount was 2.5x more than what participants thought they were spending — consumers underestimated it by $133, meaning they are unwittingly overspending. 

This is exactly why Origin surfaces your recurring transactions to you. By being shown what's coming up every month, you can easily identify subscriptions you don't need or are overspending on. In addition to seeing upcoming bills and subscriptions, you can even view your upcoming income and interest. 

View and track your credit score on Origin

At its core, Origin prides itself on being a holistic money management platform, and that means leaving no stone unturned. Not only is your budget covered from every angle, but you can also check, track, and monitor your credit profile as well, all directly on the platform. 

See and track the following right in Origin: 

  • Current credit score

  • Credit score history

  • Credit monitoring alerts

  • Your full credit report

  • Factors influencing your score

  • A debt analysis tool

  • Score simulation tool

Plus, get investment tracking too

Origin may be the best budgeting app to replace Mint, but we’re not just a budgeting app. On top of all this, Origin also brings the ability to invest or track your portfolio across accounts within our platform to get a holistic view of your investments in one place.

Get financial guidance in the same place

Another major benefit? You can meet with a Certified Financial Planner™ at an unbeatable price point ($119 per planning session), right where you are managing your budget and spending, right in origin. 

More about planning at Origin:

  • Our planners come from leading firms like Morgan Stanley, Charles Schwab, Merrill Lynch, and Fidelity. They have an average of 8 years of experience, with the most seasoned boasting up to 20 years.

  • You can book a session with an Origin Certified Financial Planner™ to get the expertise and support you need to reach your goals, for only $119/session.

Ask your planner all your questions and talk through your concerns. Your planner is here to help and has expertise in debt management, saving and budgeting, estate planning, and more.

File your taxes with Origin

Origin partnered with Column Tax to offer tax filing services to our members at no additional cost. You can file your state and federal taxes right in Origin. It’s easy, and we cover complex tax scenarios from living in multiple states to selling stock or crypto. 

Bonuses: Plus — equity help, and Sidekick, all included in your membership for $12.99/month 

That's not even the end of our list — Origin also offers additional tools to help support you in managing your money. 

  • Track equity: Connect your private or public employer equity to Origin, so we can help you navigate equity compensation.

  • Get AI-powered guidance: Chat with Sidekick, our AI-powered planner. Receive real-time guidance and answers to your money questions. 

Mint is shutting down, but a better solution is stepping up in its place. Not only is Origin the best budgeting app to replace Mint, but it’s also the holistic, all-in-one personal finance app, empowering you to manage your money with confidence and ease. Get started today with a one-month free trial.