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A Brand New Look for Origin

Today, we're launching a visual identity that better reflects our vision

By Rachel Cantor


November 2, 2023

Today, Origin reimagines financial wellness for all as we bring our product directly to consumers. We hope to foster lasting relationships with our members, regardless of life stage or employer. Our new brand identity, coupled with a refreshed product experience, celebrates this major milestone and continues to reflect our mission and vision.

73% of Americans cite money as the number one source of stress. Our new design language demystifies money clearly and directly while remaining approachable and accessible. We are opening up the financial conversation—helping our members grow, manage, and talk money in one place—with an emphasis on providing equitable access to all.

Brand principles and tone

We worked with designer Chris Allen to develop an identity that reflects our four core principles. Our brand stands for:

  1. Innovation: The name “Origin” signals a new era of personal finance.

  2. Democratization: A significant portion of our global population has been boxed out of wealth management solutions. We aim to democratize access by building a product and brand that’s simple, approachable, and affordable for all.

  3. Trust: Origin is trustworthy, reliable, and secure. We strive to make money simple, and we prioritize data security and privacy.

  4. Differentiation: The financial services space is crowded. We have a unique product offering, where you can get both expert guidance and take action.

Guided by these principles, we developed a fresh, uplifting design language that aims to communicate simply and effectively. We want our members to feel smarter with their money, help them get advice, and confidently take action.

The centerpiece of our brand identity is our new logo, which encapsulates Origin’s mission of centralizing and expanding access to wealth management. The symbol is an abstracted flower that reflects the dynamic nature of building wealth and growing your investments. The shape is built from four circles converging, a reference to the intersection of the four core services included within our platform: budgeting, investments, tax, and planning. “The mark conveys the centralized nature of Origin’s platform, with multiple financial services converging to create new opportunities for users,” says Chris Allen, designer.

Color palette

Our brand's new vibrant, approachable color palette is a visual celebration of our fresh and innovative approach. The dynamic interplay of green and blue, our primary colors, exudes a sense of trust, growth, and vitality. Complementing these are our secondary colors - a light gray, subtle gold, gentle, soothing green, and crisp, clean off-white. These hues not only evoke a feeling of reliability and sophistication but also imbue our platform with a sense of warmth and accessibility, inviting users to embark on their financial journey with confidence and ease.


We believe in breaking down money taboos and opening up the conversation. Our product experience is designed to do just that—democratize access to wealth management and empower everyone to “speak money.”

Our new user flow is more than just a process; it's an invitation to embark on a journey toward financial well-being. It's crafted to be inviting and engaging, with intuitive steps that guide you through the platform seamlessly. We give you the confidence to get going—to start thinking about money, talking about it, and taking action. We empower you to manage your money with confidence and ease.

This is only the beginning. We have ambitious plans for our product roadmap over the next year, including our recent acquisition of MyAdvocate. We’ll continue to deliver better insights, automation, and personalization.

We’re excited to share this new brand transformation marking a new chapter for Origin! It’s been an exciting journey, rooted in research, customer insights, and strategy. We’re thrilled to continue sharing Origin’s story and mission.