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NEW in Origin: Custom spending categories & Mint import tools

We’ve made exciting, new updates to Origin: custom categories and tools to move your spending from Mint

By Rachel Cantor


December 20, 2023

With Mint shutting down its doors, you might be looking for an alternative. We’ve got you covered here at Origin. 

We recently rolled out two new spending features, designed to give you a seamless transition from Mint to Origin and make your money management even better. 

It’s time. Say hello to custom spending categories! 

Everyone’s spending is unique, and so is the way we break down and visualize our expense patterns. We made it easier than ever to tailor your spending categories to fit your lifestyle. Whether you’re tracking holiday spending with a dedicated “Holiday Gifts” category or creating a category for your favorite hobby, Origin empowers you to manage your money in a way that makes sense for you. 

Looking for custom spending category inspo? Since launching this new feature, here are a few of the most popular new categories we've seen our customers add:

  • Pet Needs

  • Coffee Shops

  • Holiday Gifts

  • Home Renovation

But that’s not all—our second new feature is a game changer for Mint users. 

Introducing: Mint import tools 

Since Mint announced its upcoming shutdown, we’ve seen a big influx of new users looking for an alternative. So, we made it as seamless as possible to move your categories and transactions from Mint to Origin. 

Now, you can import your Mint history directly into Origin. Effortlessly upload your Mint-exported CSV file right into Origin, and we’ll preserve your categorization history for up to 2 years of transactions. 

Wondering how to get started? Simply click the “+” button on your Dashboard to import your Mint data right into Origin. Only available on desktop. 

But why choose us over other alternatives? 

Great question. Time is money, and Origin saves you both. 

We’re not just another budgeting app. We’re the ultimate all-in-one money management platform. 

From tracking your spending and identifying unwanted subscriptions to monitoring your credit score, investing without advisory fees, and DIY free tax filing included in your Origin membership, we’re here to simplify your financial life. We want to save our customers time, give them peace of mind, and remove complexity from the financial journey.

Ready to talk, track, and grow your money? Let’s go. You can do it all with us. Try Origin for one month free here