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Introducing Money Talks

By Rachel Cantor


April 30, 2024

Our first-ever podcast is here. Meet Money Talks by Origin. 

Hosted by Origin's CEO Matt Watson, Money Talks kickstarts the conversation around money. We believe that when we talk about money, we get better at it. So, listen in as Matt chats with founders, investors, and personal finance experts about everything from budgeting to managing money with a partner and beyond.

In our most recent episode, Matt sits down with Haley Sacks, aka @MrsDowJones, who creates hilarious, educational content all about finance for her 1.4 million social media followers. She was recently named one of's 2023 Changemakers, one of TikTok's Most Inspiring Women in Business by INC Magazine, and one of TIME's Financial Influencers Women Actually Want to Listen To. 

Listen in as Haley dishes out tips on building generational wealth, budgeting, and shares her little black dress of finance. Now, let's dive into the podcast and our key takeaways from the episode. 

ICYMI: Last month's episode was with Alyson Watson, Matt's wife and the CEO & founder of Modern Health. They explore all things managing money as a couple.

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The Learner's Mindset

The key to financial empowerment? Learning. Haley embarked on her financial journey by diving into books and self-education, a path she encourages others to take with her content. She often emphasizes, “To be an expert, you have to keep learning,” particularly for women. Educating yourself about personal finance is crucial for making smarter decisions.

Part of achieving financial success is adopting a long-term mindset. Consistent actions and decisions compound over time. One prime example of this principle in action is investing (more on that later). 

Haley often likens financial management to a workout routine, emphasizing the importance of finding the right instructor to inspire progress. For many, Haley is that guide. She says, “It's like a workout. You have to find the right workout teacher who inspires you.” 

If Anything, Invest 

In society, women are often taught to prioritize saving over investing. Haley advocates for a shift in perspective, urging women to invest early. She believes investing is essential for building wealth and financial security, emphasizing the power of letting money compound over time. She explains, "We teach women to save and men to invest. So, women lose out on money not investing. Take power back by investing and letting it compound."

Her recommendation: At the end of each month, put your extra cash in the market. Haley says, “That's the only way you're going to improve your financial situation. You can't save your way to rich.”  


Regarding budgeting and financial management, Haley appreciates how Origin allows members to see their finances in one place, providing a comprehensive understanding of their financial situation. She stresses the importance of regular financial check-ins, likening it to a "money date" where you sit down with your finances and review your financial goals. As she puts it, “Money is a relationship. Like any relationship, you need to have a date and put time into it.” 

Regarding budgeting, Haley embraces the 50/30/20 rule, allocating 50% of after-tax income to needs, 30% to wants, and 20% to future you. Keeping that in mind, she does have what she calls “The little black dress of financial goals,” aka what everyone should do. 

  1. Build an emergency fund and get your 401(k) match. 

  2. Pay down debt. 

  3. Max out tax-advantaged accounts. 

Financial Mistakes and Lessons Learned

Reflecting on her unique financial journey, Haley admits to making mistakes, particularly around impulsively investing. She advises against impulsive decisions and instead advocates for a slow and steady approach to investing, focusing on average returns to build wealth over time. "Investing is not impulsive, it's not a gut feeling, it's about slow & steady wins the race, looking for average returns. It's hard to beat the market,” she explains. She encourages folks to "be boring" when investing.

Try putting money in low-cost index funds and investing time in building out an estate plan (which you can now do in Origin!). 

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