Origin is here to take money off your mind. Here are some success stories.

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Here are some of ways people use us.

We helped Joe reduce the interest rate on his $50,000 credit card debt balance from an average rate of 17% to 3.5% by securing the debt against equity in his home.

We helped Stacy identify that holding $100,000 in cash would not allow her to achieve her long term goals and reallocated the cash into an emergency fund and a wedding fund and helped her invest the rest.

Amari was saving a lot of money each month but didn’t know where to put it to grow her wealth. We helped her devise and implement a strategy to max out her 401(k) and open an investment account.

Jane had ⅓ of her assets in her company stock. We helped her develop a plan to sell this down in a tax-efficient way, reinvest in broadly diversified investments, and develop a strategy to deal with newly vesting RSUs to prevent her portfolio from becoming unbalanced again.

Fred wasn’t sure if he should save for his child’s college using a 529 or a Roth IRA. We analyzed his personal situation and determined that a 529 is optimal for his family’s needs.

Jamie had no assets to her name and recently inherited a large debt from her divorce. We helped her develop a plan to prioritize emergency savings, debt paydown, saving for retirement, and taxable investing. 

Dave asked us to look at his investment portfolio to see if we could reduce his fees. We identified that we could cut his fees by 60% by shifting from high-cost mutual funds to low-cost index funds.

George received a $50,000 settlement and wasn’t sure how to prioritize saving, investing, and paying down student loan debt. We helped him prioritize an emergency savings fund, begin investing, and begin paying down his student loans in a way that reduced his overall payback amount.

John was spending nearly 4x the national average on restaurants. By shifting half of his restaurant budget to groceries we were able to find another $300 per month in his budget to save and invest. 

Just a few of the things Origin can help you with.

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