Equity 101 for HR managers: The most common questions about employee equity answered

Find the answers to common questions your employees have about equity compensation

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How Financial Wellness Can Help Your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategy

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What is Employee Financial Health?

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Employee Financial Stress: A Complete Guide

Financial stress is a very real neurological and biological response to one of the most common “threats” of modern life – and that is financial insecurity and instability. 

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Understanding EAP Benefits

Organizations now recognize the importance of providing support to their employees which benefits the whole human both at and outside of the corporate setting.

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How to Communicate Benefits to Employees

The problem revealed herein is one of communication on the part of the employer. Letting your people know what potentially life-changing benefits are available to them, as well as how they may be accessed, is a critical first step in generating a positive ROI from the advantages you create for them, and it’s worth putting the extra effort in to make sure both job-seekers and current employees understand what you’re offering.

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Common Employee Benefits and How to Go Beyond Them

Your company likely already offers a robust benefits package, chock-full with all the standard perks of your industry. Now let’s talk about how you can take that package to the next level. 

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Benefits Survey Questions and Templates

Periodic distribution of benefits surveys and engagement questionnaires can give you invaluable insight into employee sentiment, and help you to design better packages which both support employee wellbeing and affect positive stats among business concerns like retention and performance. Here’s what you need to know. 

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What Makes the Best Financial Wellness Programs?

How do you know a good solution when you see one? And what does your company and its employee base uniquely require from a financial wellness program? These are questions we hope to answer by the end of the article. 

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Compensation and Benefits Package Examples

But your total compensation offering should work to address employee needs as well as organizational objectives, and this balance can be a tricky thing to strike. So let’s discuss how this can be done, and go over a few tried-and-true examples of compensation and benefits packages that work. 

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After Tax Contributions for Employees

‍Not everyone can afford to make payments above these numbers into a retirement account each year, but for those who can and want to, exceptions regarding after-tax contributions for employer-sponsored savings strategies allow them to do so. Let’s dive in.

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Inflation: What is it, and what should you do about it?

Inflation seems like a scary concept, but it doesn’t have to be

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