Your money, all in one place.

Track your financial condition including income, net worth, spending, and investments all on Origin.

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Greater insight into your spending

With real-time transaction tracking, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your spending habits across various categories, months, and even years. Armed with this valuable information, you can make informed adjustments to your finances to achieve your goals.

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Take control with budgeting

Personalized budgeting built around your income and expenses, your spending, and inflation data so you can take action to maximize your savings.

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Greater insight into your investments

Understand how your individual stocks are performing with a deep dive into top and underperforming investments.

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Track your portfolio performance with precision

Get a breakdown by asset class, each holding’s total value, and share count to ensure you have a balanced portfolio.

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Recommendations to grow your money

Act on quick wins to save money immediately with recommendations to lower interest rates or cancel subscriptions you no longer use.

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Make your money work for you

Join thousands of people and save, invest and build long-term wealth.

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