Origin’s evolution: A new website and visual identity to reflect our growing brand

As Origin continues to grow and evolve, it was necessary to have a brand identity and website that reflects where we are as a company

Origin’s evolution: A new website and visual identity to reflect our growing brand
July 26, 2022

We are excited to announce the launch of Origin’s new website at The new website encompasses a clean, modern design with improved site navigation to help you find what you’re looking for and to better represent us as a company. 

Origin is the only global financial wellness platform that helps employees manage compensation, benefits, and personal finances in a single place—side by side with financial professionals. We currently power the workforces for 150+ of the leading companies across the globe, touching hundreds of thousands of lives. 

The new website is part of the ongoing evolution of the Origin story, which began in 2018. 

Origin’s evolution 

When Origin was founded, our goal was to make financial planning accessible to everyone at every stage of life. We focused on delivering 1-on-1 financial guidance from a trusted and unbiased source. 

Since then, Origin financial planners have had thousands of conversations with employees. We knew that personal finances can be intimidating, complex, and overwhelming to talk about. But as we get to know our members, we were struck by how their financial experience directly impacted their overall well-being.

These conversations helped us embark on a new mission: to make money simple

In the past 4 years, our business has evolved to offer more personalized and tailored products to our members to simplify their investments, company benefits, equity compensation, subscription tracking, paychecks, budgeting, and more. We’ve created a way for all people, from every walk of life, in every financial session to feel supported by professional advisors and unique tools they never knew they had access to. In the face of current market conditions, Origin members have leaned on us—even more—to navigate these uncertain times. 

A new brand identity 

That’s one reason Origin needed to evolve our website and brand identity—we wanted to embrace a modern, contemporary design to reflect where we’ve grown and where we’re going. 

The website includes a new logo, typography, colors, illustrations, and photographs. These touchpoints will be seen within the Origin platform in the coming months.

Our brand design team created a new logo to show our financial journeys are in constant movement. It’s not about reaching an end goal (e.g., retirement). It’s about embracing the entire process. To focus on the small steps to build financial confidence. 

Our updated colors invoke a sense of security, trust, and innovation. We also use a calming color palette to reflect the relationship we want our members to have with money: one that is easy to navigate, not stressful, and empowering. 

Origin colors

Origin has come a long way in the past 4 years, and we’re still growing. We’re excited to share this latest version of ourselves with you.

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