Originals can work from anywhere

Origin is embracing a remote-first approach to work

We’ll get straight to the point: Origin is embracing a remote-first work approach to our business.In a lot of ways, Origin has always been a remote-first company. It’s been more than 18 months since our offices in San Francisco (USA) and São Paulo (Brazil) pivoted to remote work. More than 80% of our employees have never worked out of one of our offices.Like many companies, we planned to start phasing people back into the office for hybrid work in January. We listened to the feedback our employees’ raised about our plans to return to a physical office — some were hesitant to come back due to health reasons, others had concerns about moving to a new location near our offices. We also heard from employees who look forward to returning to a physical office location to have a dedicated workspace and in-person collaboration. However, the emergence of the Delta variant was a significant setback that made us reconsider our initial stance.

Our goal at Origin has always been to give every employee the environment they need to fulfill their potential and perform the best work of their lives.

That’s why, effective immediately, Origin employees can choose how they want to work in the company—whether remotely, at our offices, or in a company-sponsored coworking space.

The future of work

Origin plans to re-open our San Francisco and São Paulo offices when it’s safe to do so for employees who do not want to work remotely or in a coworking space. No matter what your long-term option is, each employee has a $400 stipend to set up their home office the way they see fit and a $300 monthly stipend to get a coworking space if they want to.We still plan to gather all employees for company retreats throughout the year as an opportunity to meet. We believe that those will help us cultivate the kind of culture that will further the collaboration and success of our remote teams. Additionally, individual teams will have a chance to meet for training and development when they see fit.We think this strikes the right balance between the flexibility of remote work and the need to meet in-person. As our new work from anywhere approach unfolds, we will continue to listen to our employees and make the necessary adjustments along the way.

Having a work from anywhere approach is also a great advantage as we build out the Origin team. We’re committed to building a diverse and inclusive company.

Making jobs available to people not tied to a physical location will help fulfill our goal of bringing financial wellness to everyone, no matter where they are.If our mission speaks to you, check out our careers page. We are hiring for open roles across the company.


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