September 10, 2021

Origin Diversity Program Financial Scholars Fund now accepting applications

Origin Diversity Program Financial Scholars Fund now accepting applications

The Origin Diversity Program is committed to breaking down the barriers to financial wellness. This includes helping aspiring financial planners from diverse backgrounds become CFP® certified by offering resources and mentorship. 

Note: Read more about the Origin Diversity Program and how we’re working to break down the barriers to financial wellness. 

Apply for the Financial Scholars Fund today. 

About the Financial Scholars Fund

In this inaugural year, the Origin Diversity Program will award 10 scholarships worth $5,000 each to qualified individuals pursuing their Certified Financial Planner™ certification who are from an underrepresented population.

Each $5,000 scholarship can be used to cover expenses related to obtaining CFP® certification, including (but not limited to):

  • Education curriculum 
  • Study materials
  • Exam fee
  • Time taken off of work to complete the exam

The deadline to apply for the scholarship is October 31, 2021. Recipients will have up to 1 year to complete the exam. 

Eligibility requirements

Applicants must meet the following criteria: 

  • Be a U.S. resident
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be currently enrolled in an accredited institution or have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. If your degree is outside of the United States, it must be the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree 
  • Must intend to pursue CFP® certification
  • Applicants must indicate they come from a diverse background, including differences based on race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, etc. 


Is there a deadline to take the CFP exam? 

The scholarship money must be used within 12 months from the date when the scholarship was awarded. 

When are scholarship applications being accepted? 

The application portal is currently open and will close on October 31, 2021, at midnight PST.

How will Origin select participants? 

Applicants who meet the eligibility requirements and complete the online application will be considered by a panel comprised of Origin leaders and financial planning professionals. 

When will Origin announce its selection? 

Scholarship recipients will be announced in Fall 2021. Recipients will be contacted using the email address provided on the application. 

More questions? 

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