Meet The Originals: Jason Min

Get a behind-the-scenes look at life at Origin and hear first-hand from our team of Originals

Our co-founders Matt Watson and Joao de Paula started Origin with one goal in mind: To help people reach financially healthy lives while creating a great place to work. In this series, get a behind-the-scenes look at life at Origin.Meet Jason Min! Jason has been part of Origin’s growth team for the past year and currently works remotely out of the Bay Area. In his free time, Jason loves being a beach bum with his friends and tries to catch a round of golf with his family whenever he can. Naturally, he’s also a fan of Bay Area sports and can be found cheering on the San Francisco Giants, Golden State Warriors, and San Francisco 49ers with his dog, Noah.Check out our Q&A with Jason to get a behind-the-scenes look into his job, learn his two-part approach to financial wellness, and find out the one “skill” that will give you a leg up if you want to work at Origin.Psst: We’re hiring!

Q. What made you want to work at Origin? I wanted to work at Origin because I was excited about making an impact at a company that’s doing something new in the realm of financial wellness. It was also clear that people would appreciate and find value from a product like Origin—and it’s great to work toward a mission that will have a positive effect on the world.Q. Can you give us a behind-the-scenes look into a typical day at Origin? For me, a typical day at Origin usually starts with a sync with the growth team to catch up and discuss priorities. Sales can have its ups and downs, so it’s always nice to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly with the rest of the team.Then, the majority of my time is split between meeting with prospective clients and discovering which organizations would be good partners for Origin. I usually end the day by catching up on what’s happening with the other teams and planning for the next day.Q. What does financial wellness mean to you?To me, financial wellness is comprised of two parts.First, it’s about having the knowledge and resources to make the best financial decisions for yourself.The second part is having peace of mind after making a financial decision, knowing that you made the optimal choice for yourself at that time. Finances tie heavily with mental health, so in my opinion, being “financially well” involves both sides of the coin.Q. What’s the best financial advice you’ve ever received? 

One piece of financial advice that I always keep in mind is to take care of the big things first.

Prioritize the financial decisions that might impact your finances by thousands of dollars, rather than the decisions that might save you a couple of hundred bucks. This approach also lets you enjoy the smaller things more once you’ve taken care of the big issues.Q. What’s one thing that people interested in working at Origin should know? 

I learned while working at Origin that the problem we’re trying to solve—which is to help employees lead healthy financial lives—is a very large and complex one. So, every day at work requires a lot of discovery and learning. 

If solving a problem sounds enticing, you’d be a great fit! Also, our company trivia events are challenging, so if you have expansive trivia knowledge, you’ll start with an automatic leg up.Did you enjoy our conversation with Jason? If so, stay tuned to our blog for more posts in this employee series. Also, if our mission to change the way employers and employees think about financial wellness resonates with you, check out our Careers page—we’d love to hear from you!


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