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At Origin, we strive to be the single location for users to manage all aspects of their finances.For users who are new to investing or less experienced investors, there are so many investment options available that it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why our financial planners often give users guidance on how to open an investment account, what securities to invest in, and the steps to rebalance their portfolio.Read more: A beginner's guide to investingWhile we can give investment advice to our users, this requires a lot of input and effort, which is not aligned with our goal to simplify our user’s finances.Other investment management tools are available, but this adds yet another place for users to manage their finances. Additionally, these tools lack Origin’s unique ability to consider our users’ holistic financial picture.For Origin users who already have investment portfolios, we want to provide peace of mind that their investments are aligned with their holistic financial picture. And for users looking to start investing or simplify their investing approach, we want to stick to our vision of simplified financial management. That’s why we’ve launched the Origin investment account, Origin’s very own robo-advisor that utilizes Origin’s unique investment strategy, is low effort, and allows our users to partner even more closely with their Origin Financial Planner on their investment decisions.

Understand your risk tolerance

risk tolerance

Origin’s risk assessment feature allows our users to see where they fall on the scale from conservative to aggressive when it comes to investing. We’ll guide them towards the best investment strategy to fit their risk tolerance.‍

Optimize your current portfolio


Origin allows you to connect your accounts to the Origin Investments platform to see if your current investments are on the right track and receive recommendations on how to optimize your current investment portfolio.

Put your investments on auto-pilot

We have a full set of features designed to put investing on autopilot. With an Origin investment account, our users only need to complete a short series of questions to open an account. Origin investment accounts use custom portfolios based on Origin’s unique investment strategy paired with each user’s risk tolerance and goals. As the markets move, portfolios are automatically adjusted to ensure they stay balanced.

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The Origin Platform continues to evolve into a robust financial wellness platform for your people to manage compensation, benefits, and personal finances—side-by-side with financial professionals. If you’re interested in taking a tour of the Origin Platform, reach out to us here.


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