Employees can now manage their cash flow with Origin

We’re thrilled to share that we just launched Origin Cash Manager, a holistic view into cash flow.

For decades, managing personal finances has been difficult for the majority of Americans—and this problem has only worsened during COVID-19. Given this, it’s unsurprising to learn that 50% of employees spend more than they earn each month. Unfortunately, money management isn’t intuitive, and it’s also not a skill that most people are taught. The good news: as an employer, you can introduce practices to your workforce to help them get closer to their financial goals. One of the best money management approaches is to help your employees understand how to monitor their cash flow. We’ll explain why cash flow awareness is a critical part of financial wellness and where Origin can help.

What is cash flow? 

We’ve all had the experience of looking at our credit card statements and being surprised by what we see. The occasional latte or lunch with friends can add up—and without being mindful of exactly how much we’re spending, especially in relation to how much we make, it’s easy to get caught off guard.That’s why tracking cash flow is so important for employees. It helps uncover critical insights into their spending and saving over a certain period of time, as well as where their money is going. Building a basic understanding of spending habits and patterns will help employees answer questions like:

  • How much money am I saving every month?
  • Where are the majority of my expenses from? 
  • How can I adjust my spending habits to help me get closer to my financial goals?

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How Origin helps your employees manage their money better

We recognize the importance of helping employees manage their money better. That’s why we’re thrilled to share that we just launched Origin Cash Manager, a product that provides users with a holistic overview of how much they're spending and saving, along with critical insights about how to optimize cash flow. With this new offering, we’re enabling employees to feel more confident about their finances through a deeper understanding of ongoing behavior—allowing them to get one step closer to achieving financial wellness. Here are a few of the specific features we offer:

Cash flow over time

With Origin, users can see a visual overview of all their income, expenses, and savings for a specific time period—allowing people to understand their financial performance at a glance. This feature allows employees to:

  • Understand all income sources and spending transactions to get a holistic view of their cash flow
  • See how spending and saving patterns change over time by comparing cash flow across months, quarters, or years
  • Easily adjust dates of analysis to understand spending or saving activity for a particular period of time

Easily searchable transactions

Origin users can also sort, filter, and search specific transactions to see the most relevant information. This allows your employees to:

  • Understand which expenses are contributing most to their spending
  • Exclude certain transactions (i.e. reimbursable business expenses) from cash flow analysis
  • Easily search for specific transactions or vendors 

By enabling employees to get a granular, transaction-level view of their finances, they can make decisions with more precision than ever before.

Seamless integration into financial planning

Of course, monitoring cash flow is only one piece of the financial planning puzzle. Rather than using five different apps to manage their money, our users can access all their financial planning tools in the Origin platform. As soon as they log into their account, they’ll be able to see the current month’s cash flow—along with information about their compensation, equity, investments, and tax information. Using our platform and receiving personalized guidance from our network of CFP® professionals truly provides the most comprehensive financial wellness experience for employees.

We’re thrilled to offer another way to support the financial wellness of employees everywhere. By using Origin’s Cash Manager, employees will learn to manage their money better, adjust their spending habits, and make better decisions about their finances. To learn more about our platform, get in touch.


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