Origin is here for every financial life.

Origin combines real financial planners with cutting-edge technology to help employees manage their financial lives.

Four simple steps

How it works


Meet your planner.

Origin is here to discuss any questions your employees might have about their financial lives. Like: how to pay down their student loans, plan for a wedding, or save for retirement.


Receive your roadmap.

We combine cutting edge financial technology with certified planners to help each of your employees build a custom financial strategy tailored to them.


Take action.

Advice is great. Action is better. Employees can see our recommendations at-a-glance and take action immediately through our mobile or web app.


We're always here.

Life happens. Families grow. Things change. We're here to help your employees move through their unique journeys. We make planning for those big events a little easier.

What makes Origin special


Origin Advisors

Finances are complicated, so we brought in the pros. All of Origin's planners are licensed to provide your employees with custom financial plans.

Origin Platform

Advice is great. Action is better. With Origin, your people can implement personal financial plans with a few clicks.

Fiduciary Duty

As fiduciaries, our planners are legally required to recommend only the products that your employees need.

Comprehensive Access

Financial stress affects everyone regardless of income. Our platform covers all of your people from the recent grad to the retiree.


First time creating a financial plan?

Here are some answers to common questions so you know what to expect.

You take care of the paycheck, we take care of the rest.

Get Origin for your people today.