Free your employees from their biggest source of stress.

Simplify the world of personal finance for your people with the advice they want and the tools they need in one place.
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Modern financial benefits for your people.

We handle the advice, resources and tools to help your employees stay financially healthy.
Personalized financial plans
Real support for all of your people
Expert advice and tools to take action

The place where financial advice finally meets financial action

Our platform covers the full financial spectrum from student debt and emergency savings to home buying, investments and more.
Origin partners with best-in-class financial services providers to help employees put their financial plans into action.

A benefit your employees will actually use and love.

A financial roadmap made just for them (by humans)
1:1 meetings with an Origin Advisor
Easily enroll in the recommendations we make

Say goodbye to incomplete, fragmented solutions

No more coaches or seminars that overload your people with information or lack engagement and put them to sleep. Origin plans are always tailored to the individual.
No more point "solutions" that require your employees to research, find and sign-up for products that don't encompass their complete financial picture.

The financial wellness platform.

Origin Advisors
From getting out of debt to saving for retirement, Origin’s Certified Financial Planners™ are here to help your employees make sense of their finances and feel confident about reaching their goals.
Origin Platform
Advice is great. Action is better. Whether it’s opening a savings account or evaluating your insurance, users can do it all through Origin’s platform.
Fiduciary Duty
As fiduciaries, Origin is legally obligated to recommend services that best meet your employees’ needs. When they win, we win.
Comprehensive Access
Financial stress affects every employee at every stage of life. Our platform covers all of your people from the recent grad to the retiree.

You take care of the paycheck, we take care of the rest.

Get Origin for your people today.
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