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We get it. Your clients have high expectations. Partner with Origin, the only holistic financial planning benefit that will exceed them.
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Why Brokers 
choose Origin

Origin helps brokers create a truly holistic plan for their clients by offering a platform that provides a complete financial health offering to employees.
A one-stop financial wellness benefit.
No more point solutions. Let Origin power a modern approach to financial wellness for your clients
A platform that employees actually use (and love).
Origin delivers industry-leading customer engagement and satisfaction numbers that results in improved workforce outcomes
Seamless onboarding and set up for your clients.
Origin's onboarding process is seamless and easy. Deploy it across an organization in an hour. Not weeks.
Built-in reporting to measure outcomes.
A suite of analytics and reporting tools that allow you and your client to measure outcomes and see Origin in action.

Common questions from benefit brokers

What does Origin do?
Origin helps employers offer employees a holistic financial wellness solution that starts with a financial plan. We combine cutting edge financial technology with certified planners to give employees personalized recommendations that help them reach their goals and manage their financial lives.
Do you support clients across the country?
Yes! Because Origin's services are delivered through our platform and 1:1 virtual meetings with our advisors, we can support employers anywhere in the United States.
How do I introduce my clients to Origin?
We're happy to share overview materials to educate you, your team, and your clients about Origin. We've also found that it's helpful to schedule time for your clients to see a demo and hear directly from our team.

Origin is a new type of financial benefit (we're not your sleepy, old financial education platform), so we want to be as supportive as possible in the sales process to show how powerful our platform can be.
Who is your typical client?
Our platform was designed to support companies of all shapes and sizes and our typical customer size averages 2,000 employees. Origin is industry-agnostic and serves companies across many industries: from advertising to software to healthcare. Our clients have this in common: 1) they empathize with the difficulty of managing one's finances in the modern age; 2) they recognize the impact that financial wellness can have on employees' lives both inside and outside of work; 3) they recognize the need for a single, unified solution to support the financial wellness of their people.

Do you participate in benefits RFPs?
Yes, we do. We think our product is truly head-and-shoulders above the rest, so we welcome the opportunity to voice that directly with the client throughout the RFP process in the form of a demo or other meeting.
What is your typical partnership process?
We understand that when companies need benefits help, you're the first person they call. With that, our typical partnership focuses on getting you and your team up to speed on our offering.

We like to kick things off with a lunch-and-learn where we come onsite (over Zoom these days!) to give you a demo of our platform and answer questions about our offering. From there, we're with you every step of the way. We can help your team understand who would get the most value out of our platform, answer any questions your team may have, and present to prospects when helpful.

We're also happy to explore co-branding, events and more as our relationship deepens.