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Why join the Origin network?

Origin uses a holistic approach to financial wellness that starts with meeting 1:1 with a real financial planner. As an Origin planner, you'll get to work with employees from all walks of life, from the new grad starting their career to senior leaders beginning to think about retirement, and help them reach their financial goals.
Let the clients come to you
Spend less time on marketing. Origin matches you with clients automatically.
Streamlined and efficient planning
Deliver recommendations directly to clients through Origin and see the results.
Access to beautiful content and resources
Share and send to clients.
A community of passionate peers
Colleagues as thoughtful and motivated about improving the financial futures of others as you are.

How it works


Employers partner with Origin.

All employees have access to Origin's financial wellness platform


Employees activate and onboard with Origin

Employees share a bit about their financial lives: what their goals and wishes are and what's holding them back


Origin's platform creates a plan custom-tailored to the employee

Planners review the plan and can modify it on a case-by-case basis


Planners deliver the plan directly to the employee 1:1

And track their long term progress. Origin pays planners directly so employers and employees don't need to worry about it.

Help us give financial planning to every employee, everywhere.

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