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Support every financial journey, every step of the way.

Origin combines real financial planning pros with cutting-edge technology to help your people gain control of their finances and plan for the future.
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Where Guidance Meets Action.


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Product Features

1:1 Financial Planning

Origin provides direct access to personalized financial planning for every employee, everywhere.

Real Financial Planners

From getting out of debt to saving for retirement, Origin’s Certified Financial Planners are here to help your employees make sense of their finances and feel confident about reaching their goals.

Comprehensive Access

Our platform covers all of your people from the recent grad to the retiree.

Fiduciary Duty

As fiduciaries, Origin is legally obligated to recommend services that best meet your employees’ needs.

Financial Management Hub

Origin makes it easy for employees to manage their entire financial lives in one place and receive personalized guidance along the way.

Guidance meets Action

View and track net worth, set and manage goals, automate saving and investing – and more. Origin empowers your people to act on guidance with ease to ensure that plans are always put into action.

View the Whole Picture

Origin is the one-stop-shop for all things money related. From getting a comprehensive view of net worth to understanding total compensation, Origin is here to help.

Origin Planners, One Click Away

Your employees have on-demand access to their Origin planner. A video call or text conversation is only one click away.

Tax Guidance & Prep

Origin offers direct access to professional tax guidance and personal tax filing services for your people

Employee Stock Options

Help your employees make the most informed decisions around option exercises and share sales.

No Stress Filings

Complete tax preparation & filing that gives your people peace of mind and helps them handle everything from liquidity events to itemized deductions.

Complex Situations

Our CPAs help make complex tax situations like tax withholding adjustments and taxes owed in multi-state filings easy.

Prosper / Us

Give your people best-in-class resources that cover the financial topics most relevant to them

Curated Resources

We've built the best guides on money moments to help your people through life events. From buying a new car to planning for a wedding, we've got a guide for it.

Financial Wellness Sessions

Customized financial wellness sessions delivered in a group format and hosted by an Origin Planner. We tailor the topics directly to what's most relevant to your people.

Let's build a plan to reach your goals.

1. Meet your planner

Origin is here to discuss any questions you might have about your finances. From paying off loans or saving for a home, to planning for retirement, we’ve got you covered.

2. Get your roadmap

We combine cutting edge financial technology with certified financial planners to help you build a custom financial strategy that meets your needs.

3. Track your progress

Advice is great. Action is better. Track your net worth, set & manage a budget, make a savings goal & invest for your future – all directly through our app.

4. We've got your back.

Life happens. Families grow. Things change. We make planning for and navigating your unique journey a whole lot easier.

Our Investment Methodology & Strategy

Investments are critical to growing your wealth and enabling your financial future. At Origin, we create personalized portfolios for our user’s risk tolerance. Check out Origin’s Investment Methodology and Strategy to learn more about how we invest.

Our promises to you & your people.


Origin is SOC-II certified and we use best-in-class, bank-level 256-bit AES data encryption and other security protocols to protect your company's and employee's information.


Origin does not share company or employee information with external parties. We never share personal employee information with employers.


Unlike other products & services, Origin and its planners always put your people first. Every Origin professional is legally required to only recommend the services that best fit your employees' goals and needs.

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