Equity compensation made simple

Let’s face it—equity is complicated and hard to navigate. Our platform combines scenario planning, exercise simulation, tax estimation, and professional guidance to make it simple.

Give employees the confidence to make the best decisions about their stocks and equity
Visualize equity value over time

Help employees easily understand the value of equity over time—including ISOs, ESPPs, and RSUs—in the context of their individual personal finances.

Employee education, planning, and more

Employees receive in-depth education, including different equity instruments, how to exercise options, and sale strategies to minimize taxes.

Personalized equity guidance in a 1:1 setting

Origin financial planners help employees make the most informed decisions around option exercise and share sales to build their ideal strategy while keeping their unique financial picture in mind.

HR leader’s guide to employee equity compensation

Stock options, RSUs, tender offers, acquisitions, IPOs—navigate the complex world of employee equity compensation with ease.

“Historically, our employees would come to the People and Benefits team with a range of questions regarding their stock compensation and equity options. By partnering with Origin, our employees are adopting the program quickly, and we’ve received positive feedback on our total benefits package.”
Steve Aguilar
Total Rewards and People Operations Leader at Blend
Blend is a current client of Origin. No cash or non-cash compensation was provided for Blend’s testimonial or endorsement, and as such, there are no material terms of any cash compensation arrangement to disclose. A conflict of interest exists between Blend and Origin because there is an incentive for Origin to provide the client preferential treatment for providing the testimonial.
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Money Management
Money Management
See where your cash flows inside the money management platform—sync your accounts, view your net worth, set and manage goals, and automate investments from a single dashboard.
Total compensation
Total Compensation
Help your employees understand and visualize every element of their compensation package.
Benefits Center
Employees get a full view of all of their benefits in a single place, complete with recommendations on how to utilize benefits based on financial goals and life milestones.
Connect your employees with their own personal Certified Financial Planner™

Employees get free 1:1 access to a Certified Financial Planner™ over chat or video. Together, they work to assess your employees’ needs, identify goals, and provide a customized roadmap organized in easy, actionable steps so employees can move forward with financial confidence.

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