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Origin integrates your personal finances with your workplace benefits to bring you closer to your financial goals, hand-in-hand with a real human financial planner.

Origin financial wellness for employees
Let’s build a plan to reach your financial goals with confidence …
Step 1. Tell us about your financial goals

Origin is here to discuss any questions you might have about your finances. Whether it’s to pay off debt, save for your first home, answer questions about stock options, or open an investment account—we’ve got you covered.

Step 2. Get your roadmap and take action

We combine our money management platform with the 1:1 guidance of a Certifed Financial Planner™ to help you build a custom financial strategy that meets your needs.

Step 3. Track your progress

Advice is great. Action is better. Track your net worth, understand your equity, set and manage a budget, make a savings goal and invest for your future—all from a single place.

Step 4. We’ve got you covered

Life happens. Families grow. Markets change. We make planning and navigating your unique financial journey a whole lot easier.

93% of employees want their employers to offer financial planning services.
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“We are always looking for ways to increase engagement, retention, and satisfaction among employees, so it was a no-brainer that we would partner with Origin.”
John Rhodes
Director of People Operations at Proactive MD
Proaactive MD is a current client of Origin. No cash or non-cash compensation was provided for Proactive MD’s testimonial or endorsement, and as such, there are no material terms of any cash compensation arrangement to disclose. A conflict of interest exists between Proactive MD and Origin because there is an incentive for Origin to provide the client preferential treatment for providing the testimonial.
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