Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Origin

We support customers in advancing their goals around DE&I in the workplace, while building an inclusive culture at Origin. 

How Origin supports your DEI initiatives

Financial Confidence for Every Stage of Life
Diverse network

Diverse network

To best serve a diverse range of employees, Origin proactively recruits a network of Certified Financial Planners™ more diverse than the general CFP® population—across race, gender, language, career background, and more. By having planners who represent a diverse range of backgrounds, customers can work with someone they can relate to personally and professionally.
choose a planner

Choose a planner who reflects your background

Employees get a full view of all of their benefits in a single place, complete with recommendations on how to utilize benefits based on financial goals and life milestones. 

Partnering with employee

Partnering with Employee Resource Groups

We partner with People teams and Employee Resource Groups to promote Origin among employees who may historically have had less access to financial guidance and wealth creation. 

Global coverage

Global coverage

Origin is the only financial wellness benefit with a global network of financial professionals in 40+ countries, enabling customers to offer Origin as an equitable benefit for international employees.
Personalized financial wellness

Personalized financial wellness

Discussions about finances can be vulnerable and personal. Origin planners create safe, supportive spaces where members feel comfortable sharing their financial history and taking active steps toward financial well-being. 


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The Origin Diversity Program

Origin’s mission is to make money simple. It starts with closing the financial literacy gap and having financial planners as diverse as the members we serve. The Origin Diversity Program works to break down these barriers to make financial education accessible to underserved and underrepresented communities, and award scholarships to aspiring CFPs from diverse backgrounds.

Scholarship program

In 2021, the Origin Diversity Program awarded 10 scholarships worth $5,000 each to qualified individuals pursuing their Certified Financial Planner™ professional certification who are from an underrepresented population. In addition, each recipient received 1:1 mentorship from an Origin financial planner.

Financial literacy

We work with college-aged students to deliver financial education in a group and 1-on-1 setting so they can prepare themselves for life after school. Our series includes information about matering money habits, maximizing compensation and benefits, navigating debt, planning for a large purcahse, and investing and retiement planning.