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Real Origin CFP®

“I love being able to work with Origin and provide financial planning for their clients. Through the Origin network, I’ve been able to meet and help a wide variety of clients that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to help elsewhere. It has really allowed me to exercise my financial planning skills and expertise. It is an extremely rewarding experience to work with Origin Financial.”

Real Origin CFP®

“There are very few opportunities for financial planners to continue to do the work they love at their desired pace and flexibility. That’s one of the things I love about Origin. I also have been able to meet with clients that I normally would’ve never been able to meet with in my career.”
These testimonials/endorsements were given by a current Origin Financial Planner. There was no cash or non-cash compensation provided for this testimonial/endorsement. A conflict of interest exists between the Origin Financial Planner and Origin Financial because there is an incentive for Origin Financial to provide the Origin Financial Planner preferential treatment for providing the testimonial/endorsement.

We're always looking for professionals from all backgrounds to support our members

Join hundreds of Certified Financial Planner™ professionals to bring financial guidance to our members. Our planners have an average of 8 years of experience and spend about 5 to 8 hours talking with Origin members per week.

Why financial planners love working with Origin


Work from anywhere

Work from anywhere means just that. Choose where to work—whether at home or on the road—giving you the flexibility and freedom you need.


Work on your schedule

We offer a flexible work schedule, so you get to decide when you want to work—whether that’s during the day, evenings, or weekends. In another country? No problem. We support members across all time zones.

Build connections

Make a difference

Getting to work with a diverse set of clients is often the most cited reason why planners love working with Origin. You have the opportunity to work with people around the world, from all different backgrounds, at various stages of their life.

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