Our mission is to make money simple

We built Origin to democratize financial guidance and to empower employees to take control of their finances, no matter their location, background, or compensation.

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What keeps us moving forward

Money simple

At Origin, we believe the complexities of money and unequal access to financial guidance is what stands in the way of creating financial confidence and wellbeing for individuals.

So, we’ve created a way for all people—from every walk of life, from every corner of the globe, and in every financial season—to feel supported through a tech-forward platform and 1:1 guidance from a dedicated Certified Financial Planner™.

Always there to help

An individual’s financial experience directly impacts their human experience and wellbeing, which determines the version of themselves that they bring to work each day.

When money is scarce, we’re stressed.

When money is abundant, we’re hopeful.

When money is mismanaged, we’re overwhelmed.

Financial Wellness

With employers expecting high productivity while attempting to reduce turnover and improve the employee experience, financial wellness plays a critical role to help them get there.

We’re empowering employers to do just that by providing them with the tools and resources to support employees with financial wellness conversations, plans, and 1:1 guidance—making a universally stress-induced topic something they can feel confident in.

Organizing your benefits

As trendy benefits packages come and go, one thing will remain the same, the desire for financial guidance that helps individuals reach goals, overcome challenges, achieve dreams, and support a key player to holistic wellbeing.

Financially confident

By creating equal access to the same level of financial guidance, we are empowering workforces and communities to feel financially confident and capable—worldwide.

Meet Our Executive Team

Matt Watson

CEO, Co-founder

João de Paula

CTO, Co-founder

Wallis Finger

General Counsel

Atul Kakkar

Chief Product Officer

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