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Financial wellness has expanded beyond retirement. We work with top brokers to help their clients bring true financial guidance to their employees with an innovate benefit.

Origin financial wellness for brokers
Why brokers love Origin

When you include industry-leading financial wellness solutions in your strategy, you stand out from the crowd to win more business and increase client retention rates. Origin is an innovative benefit driven by a clear market need. Origin is not only highly adopted, but it drives the adoption of other benefits.

Increase 401(k) contributions

Origin’s platform and planners make recommendations that lead to increased contributions to retirement accounts, while educating on the benefits of FSAs, HSAs, and other tax-advantaged accounts.

Improve benefit utilization

Life insurance, long-term disability coverage, and other employer-sponsored offerings are essential to financial wellness. Our platform and planners ensure that these benefits are factored and adopted.

Ongoing financial education

A partner to your client’s people team—we host customized financial wellness sessions tailoring the topics directly to what’s most relevant to your client’s employees.

Fast onboarding

We do the heavy implementation lifting—Origin can be launched in 30 days for the entire workforce with less than 4 hours of time commitment from your client.

Udemy employees rate Origin 9.67/10

Download case the case study to learn why Udemy chose Origin to support its nearly 1,000 employees’ journey to financial wellness.

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“Origin is a true partner to the people team at Udemy. Origin acts as the single place for our employees to manage anything with a dollar sign.”
Emily Duff
Manager of Global Benefits at Udemy
Udemy is a current client of Origin. No cash or non-cash compensation was provided for Udemy’s testimonial or endorsement, and as such, there are no material terms of any cash compensation arrangement to disclose. A conflict of interest exists between Udemy and Origin because there is an incentive for Origin to provide the client preferential treatment for providing the testimonial.
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