Drive employee engagement and
benefit utilization

We help employees understand their company benefits and highlight the connection between total rewards and their financial wellness.

Your partner in promoting benefits adoption, engagement, and understanding
Educate employees from the start

From day one, give employees an overview of all available benefits—from right within the Origin dashboard. Employees select the ones most relevant to them, understand their value, and see how you support their financial goals and dreams.

Benefits selection made easy

Origin financial planners work with employees to prepare for all types of life events, including recommendations for life insurance, long-term disability coverage, and other employer-sponsored benefits.

Your partner in open enrollment

Open enrollment is busy enough. Origin financial planners save you time and resources by helping employees navigate their benefits selections, across health plan selection, HSAs, FSAs, and other tax-advantaged accounts.

Origin Benefits Center
Maximize the impact of your benefits program

3 out of 4 employees are more likely to stay with their employer because of their benefits program.

Origin is a crucial benefit for our employees, as financial stress can be a detriment to mental health and overall wellness. Our team gets so much value out of Origin’s platform because it not only provides personalized financial advice but also helps employees understand and utilize their entire compensation and benefits package to the fullest extent.
Preeti Nadendla
Benefits and People Operations Analyst at Blend
Blend is a current client of Origin. No cash or non-cash compensation was provided for Blend’s testimonial or endorsement, and as such, there are no material terms of any cash compensation arrangement to disclose. A conflict of interest exists between Blend and Origin because there is an incentive for Origin to provide the client preferential treatment for providing the testimonial.
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Equity manager
Equity Manager
Equity is complicated. Our platform provides the most comprehensive tool for understanding, mastery, and visualization of all forms of equity compensation.
Total compensation
Total Compensation
Help your employees understand and visualize every element of their compensation package.
Money Management
Money Management
See where your cash flows inside the money management platform—sync your accounts, view your net worth, set and manage goals, and automate investments from a single dashboard.
Connect your employees with their own personal Certified Financial Planner™

Employees get free 1:1 access to a Certified Financial Planner™ over chat or video. Together, they work to assess your employees’ needs, identify goals, and provide a customized roadmap organized in easy, actionable steps so employees can move forward with financial confidence.

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