Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our customers are at the forefront of our efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Diverse network

At Origin, we are enhancing our relationships with both customers and employees by offering access to expert specialists.

Reflects your background

Employees get a full view of all of their benefits in a single place, complete with recommendations.

Global coverage

Only Origin offers global financial pro network in 40+ countries for equitable benefit for international employees.

Personalized financial wellness

Safe spaces to discuss finances & strive for financial well-being in a supportive environment.

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The Origin Diversity Program

Origin's mission is to bridge financial literacy gap by providing diverse financial planners and financial education to underserved communities through its Diversity Program, including scholarships for aspiring CFPs.

Scholarship program

In 2021, Origin Diversity Program awarded 10 $5,000 scholarships and 1:1 mentorship to individuals from underrepresented populations pursuing their CFP™ certification.

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Financial literacy

Empower college students with financial education in group & 1-on-1 settings. Cover topics such as budgeting, maximizing compensation, debt management, big purchases & investing for retirement.